Music Row Hideout

Upcoming Guests

04/05 Taryn Antrobus


04/10 3 Doors Down: Justin Biltonen

(Bass /Artist )

04/12 Justin Erholtz

Guitar Player/Architect

04/19 Dan Shike

(Mastering Engineer) Lumineers, Third Eye Blind, Phil Whickam, Molly Tuttle, Chris Janson, Johnny Lang, Big Daddy Weave, Francesca Battistelli + a bizillion others


Recorded each week from Waylon Jenning's former Basement Studio in Nashville's Historic Music Row, co-hosts Jury "obey" Byrd & Ryan Poole drink beer, rant, laugh and shoot the breeze with some of Nashville's most interesting musicians.

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Past Guests Include:

-Daniel Donato (Cosmic Country guitar player)

-Matt McAndrew (Voice runner up)

-Sean Moffitt (Mixer: Ben Rector, Matt Kearney, Lauren Daigle)

-Roger Jaeger (artist/sitar player)