Phone: 619.504.0033

Address: 1508 South St. Nashville, TN 37212



About:The Hideout

Located on Nashville’s “Historic Music Row”, The Hideout is one of Nashville’s newest recording studios. The studio space we now occupy was originally built by Waylon Jennings and was home to “The Waylon Jennings Music Company”.

Today, we hope to carry on his legacy in our own small way, by bucking the ‘Music Machine’ and recording whatever & however the hell we want to. We don’t care if your song is 3:33 and has a “clear story” that an 8th grader could understand— the only rule here is that it has to sound good (and it’s our job to help you with that part).

All genres of music are welcome, except “Bro-Country” & Polka (exceptions made for Polka).

Comprised of 2 seperate studios (A & B), the Hideout is currently equipped for overdubs, voice-over sessions, mixing, editing, writing, & showcases.


Ryan Poole