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Launch forward!

It’s tough to be an artist in 2019. Todays fans demand more content than ever before. And each day the internet only grows hungrier. greedier.

The quest for fans, followers & plays…It can all get overwhelming.

…But sometimes—something sticks— the gods of “viral videos & popular playlists” smile upon you, and your career is off like a rocket! All it takes is just one song or video to change everything .

Don’t miss your opportunity!

Launch Forward in 2019 by producing twice the content at half the price with our “Buy-One-Get-One-Free” deal!

-Here’s How'-

  1. Pick one of the 3 options below 1.“Analog Live Recording Day” 2. “Video Content Day” 3.” Full Production Single”

  2. Book by January 20th (Session time can be changed with 24 hour notice)

  3. Put down 20% deposit

  4. After your initial session, we’ll book you a second session of equal or lesser value for free

    Questions? Call or Text Leah @ (615) 542-8993




You Get: As many songs as you can pull off in 10 hours

  • Includes:
    Up to 7 inputs (most instruments are 1 input, live drums take 4)

  • “Live” means everybody plays together at the same time. No overdubs, no cheating, all organic.

  • “Straight to 2 track tape machine”. Produces a warm, vintage, soft, imperfect classic sound
    *Can add single angle video for $25/song


Examples of “Analog Live Recording Day”


You Get: 6 Songs Tracked & Mixed with HD videos

  • Includes:
    Full band or acoustic (your choice)
    Up to 6 hours recording
    Recorded live (everybody in the same room)
    Up to 7 inputs (Each Instrument takes 1 input, live drums take 4)
    3 camera angles on 3 songs (edited)
    Single angle remaining songs

  • Recorded to Pro-Tools.
    Includes Mixing & Mastering


Video Content Day Examples


3.Full Production SINGLE

You Get: one “Radio Ready” song.


Your song, as good as we can possibly make it.

  • Includes:
    3-5 days in studio with Ryan (pre-production/tracking/overdubs)
    Unlimited edits 
    Up to 50 tracks
    Unlimited Use of The Hideout Studio for recording
     Vocal tuning 
    Complete Radio Mix (1-2 days)
    Mastering by Dan Shike (Lumineers, Phil Wickham, Jonny Lang)
    3 Professional Musicians (can add more as desired $100-$200/musician/track depending on what instruments you want)


*As you can see there are several hard costs associated with the Full Production Single. Reach out if you have questions, I can be flexible with price. For instance, if you
you don’t need to hire players —or—If you pick a less expensive “Get one Free” I can reduce the single price by $600-$750. Also, simpler or acoustic acts can get a better deal. Just ask for rates, and I’ll come up with something to fit your specific scenario. -Ryan

Examples of “Full Production Singles”